Proper nutrition and consumption of a balanced diet are extremely important for an expecting mother. A pregnant woman should consume a wholesome diet loaded with all the necessary carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients. This will help in the proper growth and development of the fetus and will help avoid any complications.The prenatal vitamins for pregnancy are essential for the proper growth of the baby, as well as for the overall health of the mother. The nutrient requirements change as the mother transcends from one month to another. Thus, it is important to ensure that the nutritional value of food meets the requirements according to three different trimesters.

That said, care should be taken, and no micronutrients should be consumed in excess. Excess of anything is not advisable, and the same goes for vitamins and minerals. Pregnant women should never try any diet that is new to them and also steer clear of new medication without a doctor’s guidance. Therefore, pregnant ladies should get a diet chart from the doctor who can help them decide what to eat and when to eat. They should also be aware of what food and nutrients are safe and how much of them are safe.

Vitamins Should Be Avoided During Pregnancy?


There are various vitamins, which can harm the mother and the fetus if consumed in excess. These vitamins can cause complications like high blood pressure, liver damage leading to jaundice in babies, and other birth defects. Here are a few vitamins which should be avoided during pregnancy or should be consumed in a limited quantity as per the doctor’s suggestions.

Vitamin A 

The benefits of vitamin A for pregnant women are undeniable. This is an extremely important vitamin for strengthening the immune system of the fetus. It is also useful in the development of the eyesight of the fetus.

But excess of vitamin A can be harmful. This vitamin gets stored in the liver, which leads to a range of liver diseases and damage. It can also cause teratogenic effects in the fetus and can lead to many other complications.

Vitamin E 

This vitamin is known for being the backbone of immunity. It helps in gene expression as well. However, excess of this vitamin can lead to abdominal pain, premature birth, etc. Therefore, it should be avoided in supplementation without medical supervision.


This is used as a dietary supplement. It contains a substance that can lead to jaundice in infants and many birth defects.

Additionally, pregnant ladies should avoid all herbs that are available as supplements as they can cause many complications in the later stage of pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a very delicate time. It is extremely important to take care of what the mother consumes. Pregnant women should follow a diet chart containing a balanced diet of all nutrients. They can also opt for multivitamins tablets for pregnancy that the doctors’ advice to fulfill their nutritional needs.

Trimacare Prenatal Supplements for Pregnant Women & Vitamins Should Be Avoided During Pregnancy

Multivitamin Tablets for Pregnancy

Pregnant women sometimes do not eat much due to nausea or vomiting. In some cases, lack of knowledge and guidance also makes pregnant women avoid certain foods. Such conditions might lead to malnourishment in them.

Also, some women in rural areas are not aware of the vitamins that should be avoided while they are pregnant. Besides, they cannot afford the best food needed for them, and they live on the basic nutrients available to them. This is the major cause of the undernourishment of their babies.

For such women, supplementation helps to fulfill the daily requirements. A wholesome diet is important for a pregnant woman to maintain the systemic changes that she goes through. Even if the woman is fit, as the nutritional demands of her body are more than normal during pregnancy, the supplements help in the overall betterment of the baby.

TrimacareTM Nutritional Supplements

TrimacareTM  is a multivitamin supplement that can be taken by pregnant women. This product is safe to use, and the pills are available as a pack of 30 pills in a bottle for TrimacareTM 1. TrimacareTM  2 & 3 have 2 packs each. Taking these pills regularly ensures the supply of all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for an expectant mother at an optimum level. These pills have high bioavailability, and they get absorbed more than other multivitamins present in the market.

Specially designed for expecting mothers keeping in mind their needs, TrimacareTM

pill allays all unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy and keeps the mother healthy. The best feature of this pill is that it is vegan, and no animals are harmed in its making.

The TrimacareTM range is divided into T1, T2, and T3, each for one trimester for a healthy baby and a fit mother. The dosage of TrimacareTM tablets varies in all three trimesters and is designed according to the requirements.


Is a one-step solution to all problems of pregnancy. It contains all the vital nutrients and keeps the fetus and mother healthy. The dosage adheres to the Indian Council of Medical Research’s (ICMR) and World Health Organization’s (WHO) guidelines.

These pills are non-GMO in nature and contain no pesticides or insecticides. They do not negatively affect health and are extremely safe to use. These pills come in different colors so that they can be identified for different trimesters.

They are the best multvitamins tablets for pregnancy. They are easy to use, convenient, and handy.

Besides, a balanced diet is extremely important during pregnancy. Nothing can replace natural sources of nutrition, and therefore one should not miss these. A healthy diet gives rise to a healthy mother and optimal growth of the baby.

Anything in excess can be harmful to our health. The same applies to vitamins and nutrition too. Excess of either food or multivitamins can lead to many health complications and premature labor, etc. Pregnant women should follow a diet schedule as per the doctor’s guidance and include supplements under medical supervision.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What vitamins should be avoided during pregnancy?

It’s essential to stay away from over the top admission of vitamin A during pregnancy, as significant levels might possibly hurt the creating hatchling. Black cohosh and other herbal supplements should also be avoided because they may contain substances that are harmful to pregnant women. Continuously talk with your doctor prior to taking any enhancements during pregnancy.

2. Can I take multivitamins during pregnancy?

Yes, but selecting a prenatal vitamin designed specifically for pregnant women is crucial. These nutrients contain the fundamental supplements like folic acid, iron, and calcium, which are vital for the health of both the mother and the creating child.

3. Is it safe to take vitamin C during pregnancy?

Indeed, L-ascorbic acid is for the most part protected to take during pregnancy and is really significant for resistant capability and collagen creation. However, before beginning any new supplements while pregnant, it is best to talk to your doctor.

4. Should I avoid all herbal supplements during pregnancy?

Not really, yet being cautious is significant. A few natural enhancements might contain fixings that could be destructive during pregnancy. Continuously talk with your doctor prior to taking any home grown enhancements to guarantee they are ok for yourself as well as your child.

5. Can I continue taking my regular vitamins if I become pregnant?

It relies upon the kind of nutrients you’re taking. While some vitamins can be taken during pregnancy without risk, others may need to be altered or avoided entirely. It’s ideal to talk with your doctor to figure out which nutrients are ok for you to keep taking during pregnancy.