Baby’s optimal growth & development is delightful for the mother, but the transformation it requires in the mother’s body might weigh her down – with Backpain, muscular pains, and mood swings being common as the pregnancy progresses through different trimesters. Back pain in pregnancy is more prominent at Sacroiliac Joint, where the pelvis meets the spine. The right postural changes, interventions, and lifestyle modifications may help minimize back pain during pregnancy.


Causes of Backpain During Pregnancy 

  1. Weight Gain – The weight gain that is important, might be causing back pain during pregnancy, as the spine needs to support the additional weight. The baby & the uterus may put pressure upon the blood vessels & nerves in the pelvis and the back, causing back pain during pregnancy.
  2. Postural Changes – Due to the transformation of weight distribution, the centre of gravity of a pregnant mother shifts. The mother’s posture begins adjusting posture, which causes an additional strain upon the mother’s musculature. This can lead to back pain in pregnancy.
  3. Hormonal Changes – The Relaxin hormone which is necessary for the relaxation of ligaments & joints of the pelvic area to facilitate childbirth also affects the ligaments of the spine, causing instability & pain.
  4. Muscle Separation – The Rectus Abdominis Muscles which are parallel sheets of muscles from the rib cage to the pubic bone may separate at the Centre seam, worsening back pain in Pregnancy.
  5. Stress – Muscle Spasms can be worsened by stress, causing an increase in back pain during pregnancy.

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Treatment Of Back Pain During Pregnancy 

Some women believe that lower backpain during pregnancy is something that cannot be relieved before delivery. However, this isn’t true. Several interventions can help alleviate and minimize back pain in pregnancy so that pregnant women feel much better.

You can do several things to prevent back pain during pregnancy, some of them are –

Safe Exercises – Under the guidance of an expert, you can perform exercises such as walking and swimming that strengthen your back and abdomen. Consulting a Prenatal Physiotherapist or Yoga Expert early in pregnancy might help prevent back pain, but even beginning an exercise routine to alleviate pain later in pregnancy can help reduce the backache. Always consult your gynaecologist before you begin an exercise plan, and only do the exercises as explained.

Postural Adjustments – A poor posture can worsen back pain, so make sure you have a healthy posture. Avoid over-flexion of hips and spine, use a pregnancy pillow while you sleep & keep a pillow between your knees while sleeping on the side, and avoid lifting heavy weights.

Use Tools that reduce muscle fatigue – Using a footstool under the feet, a towel roll behind the back while sitting, and a supportive belt might help support the muscles and reduce back pain during Pregnancy.

Take Away

The focus of the pregnant woman should be to have a healthy lifestyle that supports her throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and lactation. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, pregnant ladies also need to consume enough Multi Micronutrients, have a good posture, and have healthy habits. A good Prenatal Supplement is essential to ensure that the pregnant mother has optimal health as her body transforms. The unique Trimester-Wise course of Trimacare Prenatal Tablets ensures that the dynamic nutrient requirements of different trimesters are met so that the mother & the baby can be healthy. The 20 plus essential nutrients in Trimacare Prenatal Tablets like Iron, Folate, Calcium, Omega 3, and Vitamin D prevent complications from pregnancy, such as osteoporosis or anaemia later on. Additionally, Trimacare Prenatal Vitamins also prevent Foetal Complications such as IUGR, ADHD, Low-Birth Weight, Pre-Term Birth, and Stillbirth and improve Pregnancy Outcomes. The formulation of Trimacare is based on the guidelines of WHO & ICMR.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are some common causes of back pain during pregnancy?

Back pain during pregnancy can be brought about by different factors, for example, hormonal changes, weight gain, changes in act, and the moving of the focal point of gravity as the child develops.

2. How can hormonal changes contribute to back pain during pregnancy?

The ligaments and joints in the pelvic area can become looser as a result of hormonal changes, particularly the hormone relaxing. This can cause instability and strain on the back muscles, which can lead to back pain.

3. How does weight gain affect back pain during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the increased weight puts additional pressure on the spine and lower back, causing discomfort and possibly straining the muscles that support the back.

4. What role does posture play in back pain during pregnancy?

The body’s centre of gravity shifts forward as the uterus and baby grow, causing pregnant women to alter their posture, which can strain back muscles and cause pain.

5. What can pregnant women do to alleviate back pain?

Pregnant ladies can mitigate back pain by rehearsing great stance, participating in delicate activities endorsed by their medical services supplier, utilizing legitimate body mechanics while lifting or conveying objects, wearing steady shoes, and taking into account pre-birth rub or non-intrusive treatment under the direction of a medical care proficient.